Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It was two weeks before Christmas and Greg Koss and the Kids made much of the invitation they received to perform at the Wiregrass Mall in Wesley Chapel. On both nights of their performance several dozen people witnessed the young students of the Institute perform live.

On the last night of their performance, the kids truly showed their talent. On a very cold December night, the kids did not disappoint the loyal crowd that shivered in the cold wind on the grounds of mall. The large Christmas tree swayed in the cold wind as if to the beautiful energetic sounds of the piano, the organ, the guitar and the violin.

Teaching these young people to learn and play music has been a passion of Greg Koss for many years. It made him proud to see his kids come out and show their skills to the audience in such grand style.

In the middle of the set it was time for the violin - and what a performance by a young entertainer that was. Other students played a variety of instruments, while others sang.

Then, before the first set was over, out came another young star playing Beethoven. If you had the pleasure of being at the Mall while these kids were performing, please comment on what you thought of the performances.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Koss and Kids on the Road

Greg Koss has been making music for decades. Koss is a legend in his own right. He is a master entertainer and teacher who plays just about every musical instrument there is.  Koss enjoys teaching music; and it shows when you listen to his students after a few weeks of instruction.

Koss established Koss Music and Cultural Arts Institute(KMCAI) in Florida and has been teaching "At Risk" and low income youth. The Institute is a (501 (c) (3) non profit charitable organization. The Koss kids mostly come from homes and families who under normal circumstances may not have been able to afford to put their kids through music school. Koss and his other music teachers have dedicated hundreds of hours to help these families and kids.

The Adams family whose son is a student at the Institute said, "Thank you Koss for making the impossible possible! The trumpet lessons my son takes at Koss has improved more than just the great music he has learned."

This December 2012, Koss and his kids were invited to entertain enormous crowds of shoppers at the Wiregrass Mall's Community Farmers' Market in Wesley Chapel Florida. Koss and two of his kids (students) entertained the crowd as they shopped at the Mall. On December 6th and 13th, Koss has been invited to be on the Big stage at the same mall. Every evening, until the first week of January, the mall will be hosting Holiday Community Entertainment.

The Koss Music and Cultural Arts Institute needs your help. Help us help the kids that attend our Institute. Your generous support may be tax deductible. Contact us at 813.949.6881. We are located at 1922 Oak Grove Blvd in Lutz, Florida 33559. Bruce Springstein said it best in the 2012 Grammy Awards when he said. "We (musicians) take care of our own."