Monday, May 27, 2013

The Koss Kids March On

Greg Koss has been a musician almost all his life, but the joy dearest to his heart is teaching young people the gift of music.

Koss and kids
Every afternoon, dozens of kids and their parents file through the door of the studio to learn and practice on a new instrument or learn a new tune. The kids light up as they arrive, excited to begin their new lesson. It is about this time that Greg also come alive with energy. He loves the kids as his own and he and his associates assist the 5 to17 year olds in playing their favorite instruments.

It is enlightening to see the results of months of tutoring. The confidence, the grace and maturity in these young kids is unbelievable. At a recent grand opening of a business in Wesley Chapel, the entertainer on the piano was a Koss kid James Williams.
James Williams
His mom and dad were proudly at his side listening and encouraging him as he played many popular tunes for the audience.A few weeks before, the Koss kids were invited to the WMNF 88.5 FM studios where they had the opportunity to perform live.

The Koss Music Institute  is always proud to showcase the talents of these young musicians who continue to improve week after week. The Koss Music Institute was recently awarded a grant of $7,500 by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay.

You too can help Greg continue to teach the kids with your financial support. Contact the studio at 813-949-6881 or email Greg at

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